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Puebla is the capital and the largest city of the Puebla State.

Park and recreation zones in Puebla you should visit

Whoever knows Puebla knows that the city is like a great living museum. But did you know that in addition to culture, Puebla is full of beautiful parks?

Were you looking for parks in Puebla to have a picnic, have a great time, or just relax? You have found them! Each of these spaces will allow you to enjoy a nice day outdoors.

That is why, in this article, we want to show you some of the best parks in Puebla so you can enjoy nature. Alone or accompanied, in these places you can have a good time. Get ready to get fresh air, entertain yourself, or relax in these green spaces.

Paseo de Los Gigantes Park

The Paseo de Los Gigantes park is one of the most peculiar in the city and one of the places to have fun in a big way. And, in this park, we literally mean “big time”. Imagine feeling like a giant walking through a park with some of the most emblematic constructions of humanity reproduced on a small scale.

In addition to enjoying the day outdoors, you can walk alongside the White House, the San Francisco Bridge, the Chinese Wall, and many other world architectural wonders. Here, children and adults will enjoy appreciating these detailed models. This is one of the parks in Puebla to visit with the whole family!

Garden of Art – Jardín del Arte

One of the favorite places for Puebla families to do a picnic in the Garden of Art. If you were looking for an experience that, in addition to being ecological, is also cultural, this may be one of your first options among the parks in Puebla.

Apart from enjoying nature, in this place, you can go hiking, cycling and play in its basketball and soccer courts. Whether you want to spend a quiet day, do some exercise or walk with your partner, the Garden of Art is a great option for it.

Children’s Park – Parque de la Niñez

If you were looking for parks in Puebla to have a picnic, you can visit the Parque de la Niñez. Here you can make use of the grills and enjoy next to the artificial lake and green areas. In addition, you can find soccer fields, a running track, an area for tricycles, fountains and much more.

In this park, they could not miss the children’s games, which are also accompanied by striking playful sculptures that amaze young and old. Also in the place, you will find restaurants and other amenities to spend a full afternoon.

BUAP University Botanical Garden

One of the parks in Puebla to visit is the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. In the University Botanical Garden, ecological events and workshops are held throughout the year. In addition, it is an excellent place to learn about botany or just have a nice time in the middle of nature.

The garden does not have parking so, if you want to get there without problems, one of the options is to request a ride through the Uber app. If you set the Faculty of Biological Sciences of the university as your destination, when you arrive you will see that the garden it is right in front. Super simple!

Metropolitan Ecopark

This park is a good choice for nature lovers in Puebla. Its extensive green areas are ideal for running, walking, or cycling. In addition, it is an ideal place to go with your pet for a walk.

One particularity of this park is that it seeks to sensitize and educate people on environmental issues through the holding of various workshops. Film screenings, yoga, and other recreational activities are held here on weekends as well.

Ecological Park

This important park in Puebla is one of the favorites of the city’s athletes. The park has fields for soccer, volleyball, baseball, basketball, and a skating rink. But its attractions are not only sporting. Here you can find two artificial lakes, an open-air theater, and grills that complement the place.

Something that fascinates children is also the park’s aviary where they can meet beautiful species. Whether you want to exercise, have a good time, or enjoy nature alone or with the family, you are going to love this place.

Puebla is home to different parks. Here you can do various activities and have a good time. Now that you know the playful and ecological side of the city, why don’t you find how to get to these places? Remember that by requesting a ride through the Uber app you can use the multiple destinations feature and take a look at all of them while deciding which one to stay with.

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