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Puebla is the capital and the largest city of the Puebla State.

Child-friendly tourist attractions in Puebla, Mexico

The city of Puebla is a place full of culture and history for visitors to explore. Namely, it’s home to one of the largest collections of Spanish colonial architecture in Mexico. What makes Puebla popular with tourists, however, is that it’s also quite kid-friendly.

You can bring your family here and easily find a ton of things to do. From museums with interactive exhibits where to zoos where your children can learn about African wildlife. And, of course, you can’t visit Puebla without trying some of the amazing local food.

Puebla has a wide array of things to do with your children, and you could fill up several trips with just exploring. So, to help you plan out your trip, we put together a list of child-friendly tourist attractions in Puebla, Mexico.

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Pay a visit to the Great Pyramid of Cholula

The Great Pyramid of Cholula is the largest known pyramid in the world. The building is 55 meters tall, and 450 by 450 meters at the base.

Today, it’s an interesting tourist attraction you can bring your kids to.

Besides seeing some interesting historical architecture, the pyramid itself is an impressive sight to see. The pyramid is around 20 minutes away from Puebla. So remember to think about transportation ahead of time if you want to visit the pyramid.

Transport in Puebla itself is quite simple, but getting to the Great Pyramid of Cholula can get more difficult if you’re not prepared for it. So, remember to plan ahead and prepare for the visit.

Take a ride on the Puebla City tourist train

One of the easiest ways to take in the sights of Puebla is to ride the city’s tourist train. This is one of the most child-friendly tourist attractions in Puebla because it has both beautiful views and a chance to learn about the city.

The train has a guide on board that will tell you all about the landmarks you pass by. This is an excellent way to get around the city and has the kids learn some of the city’s history. As a matter of fact, this train ride is what gets a lot of tourists convinced to stay in Puebla.

Go on a food tour of the city

One thing the kids (and you) will definitely enjoy in Puebla is going on a food tour of the city. Eating in Puebla is a truly enjoyable experience, as the city is famous for having some of the best Mexican cuisines out there.

From the classics such as various types of tacos (tacos árabes and tacos al pastor) to the mole poblano with Puebla’s unique sauce, you’re sure to enjoy this food tour.

We always recommend sticking to the popular restaurants, but trying to find smaller places is also a good idea. After all, you can never know when you’ll run into some hidden gems out there.

All in all, we can guarantee that you’ll enjoy a food tour of Puebla city, but remember to take care of yourself as well. Don’t overdo it, and remember that you can always spread the tour out over multiple days of the trip.

Visit some of Puebla’s parks

There are a ton of beautiful parks in the city of Puebla, and they’re considered some of the most child-friendly tourist attractions in Puebla. Whenever you need a break during your trip, consider paying a visit to one of these breathtaking spots.

They’re great places to let the kids have some fun while you sit back and enjoy some peace and quiet. There is a wide variety of parks to choose from, from simple parks to ones covered with trees, and some that have beautiful sculptures in them.

Visit some of the city’s churches

Another bit of history you can find in Puebla is the city’s many beautiful churches. Visiting them is another great opportunity for the kids to learn some history. Our personal recommendations are the Africa Mission Church and the Puebla Cathedral.

The Puebla Cathedral is often considered the most beautiful in the city. Made of pink stone and with two grand towers, it’s easy to see why. The Africa Mission Church on the other hand only has one tower, but you’re free to climb it.

This is one of the best spots if you want to see some beautiful views of Puebla.

Child-friendly tourist attractions in Puebla, Mexico – wrap up

There is a lot to see and do in the city of Puebla, and quite a lot of it is suitable for your children too.

Your kids can learn a lot about the city and its culture during the trip, and when they get bored, you can always take a break and try out some of the city’s famous food, or take a breather in the parks.

We hope that this list of child-friendly tourist attractions in Puebla, Mexico helps you make your plans, and we wish you a wonderful trip.

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