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Puebla is the capital and the largest city of the Puebla State.

Nightlife in Puebla City

Puebla is wonderful at night with the lights of the buildings and streets that glow in the dark, every time the darkness is coming, it is magical to see how the city transforms.

Since we live mostly during the day, the night attracts us to see a city in a different tone and a tour in Puebla at night is a show for those who want to know it and for those we recommend some places to know the City of Puebla by the night.

Puebla Cathedral

During the day the cathedral of Puebla is incredible, but at night it is special when it lights up with many moving colors in an excellent visual show called “Mosaico Poblano” (“Poblano Mosaic”), which will show you part of the richness and history of Puebla in animated projections, such as the prehispanic origin of Puebla, traditions, and culture.

In addition, in front of the cathedral, there are several terraces where you will have a unique and incredible view.

Forts of Loreto and Guadalupe

Contemplating the city of Puebla from the highest point is incredible, but doing it at night is magical. As if you were visiting a completely different place!

The Forts of Loreto and Guadalupe allow you to see the valley of Puebla and its surroundings from a panoramic perspective from more than 60 meters high. All the more reason in this area this emblematic fort of struggle and victory for Mexico was built, the “Battle of May 5” of 1862 where Mexico faced the most powerful army of that time.

The historic area of ​​the forts is open to the public and there are viewpoints at different points that will allow you to see further.

Cable car – Teleferico

In addition, there is also a cable car that will increase the height a little more to see the entire valley of Puebla at sunset or already at night. This cable car has what you can enjoy during the day and at night young. From the Forts of Loreto and Guadalupe, you can see the city of Puebla preparing to sleep after a day of work.

Puebla Star – Estrella de Puebla

It is a great work of engineering that represents the modernity of Puebla that raises you 80 meters, in the ascent and descent of this wheel you can have a panoramic view of Cholula and Angelopolis.

The course in its gondolas of the Estrella de Puebla is about 20 minutes and is perfect if you go as a couple, family, friends, or alone.

Being in the Estrella de Puebla will be a beautiful experience, from seeing the sunset and how it gives way to night, or already in boarding schools at night to seeing the lights of nearby places.

La Estrella de Puebla will catch you with its nocturnal tranquility, also nearby you can enjoy a delicious coffee and have a good talk with friends, family, or partner.

Even if you like to walk at night, in the vicinity of the Estrella de Puebla you can do it. Without a doubt, being in the Estrella de Puebla from sunset to night will be magical. Plus, you’ll be on the tallest traveling observation wheel in the world! Do not miss a visit to this place.

Live music

Puebla will keep you out and dancing every night of the week if that’s what you’re after. There are a lot of spots letting loose and dancing away the workweek. Best nightlife in Puebla with live music:

  • Mariachis play daily from 18:00 on Plaza de Santa Inés, they stroll through the crowds that gather at the sidewalk cafes.
  • Another square where you can hear live music is Plaza de Los Sapos.
  • Along Avenida Juárez, there are several popular bars and clubs.

Nightlife on Avenida Juarez

This Juárez Avenue was built in the mid-twentieth century in honor of President Benito Juárez, it is a busy corridor in the City of Puebla as it is the meeting point in its social and cultural life spaces.

Avenida Juárez has a wide variety of places for every occasion, from a date, meeting, celebration, or simply to dance and enjoy the night.

If you enjoy or want to know about the nightlife in the city of Puebla? Visiting Juárez Avenue is a great option. Avenida Juárez has a wide variety of places to spend a great nightlife experience in the city of Puebla. Ready to dance and enjoy the night? Juarez Avenue is the perfect place.

Puebla Bars

In the center of the city of Puebla, you can enjoy places with calm and pleasant atmospheres at night, they offer you to enjoy a night with family, friends, or as a couple.

In the bars of the city of Puebla, you will live a pleasant experience, since they have a wide variety of delicious food with homemade flavor and drinks such as craft beers and mezcal.

In short, these places offer to spend an excellent night where you can enjoy the night in the city of Puebla, at least with a delicious coffee and great company.

One of the best places is the “Barrio Artista” (“Artist’s Neighborhood”) where many artists from Puebla exhibit their works, it also has places to have a good time with a good atmosphere, a variety of drinks along with snacks, and live acoustic music with Latin rhythms such as the trova.


You can enjoy the city of Puebla at night and its beautiful weather outdoors while enjoying a delicious dinner with company. The terraces of the city of Puebla, although they are outside, give you warm company, either with a coffee or wine.

Terraces allow you to enjoy a greater perspective of the lights of the city of Puebla while you delight in its food and atmosphere. At night in the city of Puebla, the terraces give you a variety of delicious food and a pleasant view, even so, it is advisable to wear a coat because of the cold that may fall at night.

Some terraces nearby the Zocalo allow enjoying an extraordinary direct view of the cathedral of the city of Puebla.


Wrestling gives the best environment with lots of action, excitement, and entertainment. It is part of the Mexican culture and witnessing it on Monday nights will raise your adrenaline.

In the Puebla Arena, the best figures of Mexican wrestling arise! It will impress you and make you part of the crowd. We guarantee that it is one of the best experiences you will enjoy in the city of Puebla at night.

These are some of the many places that the city of Puebla has for you to have a great nightlife experience, so come and discover Puebla City to create unique experiences!

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