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Puebla is the capital and the largest city of the Puebla State.

Puebla Planetarium

The planetarium recreates a space station, providing fun and education with permanent workshops, interactive games, a star projector, and the OMNIMAX Dome. Its main goal is to promote science and technology through various activities and modern equipment.

Germán Martínez Planetarium in Puebla City

In 1979, the construction of the Planetarium of Puebla «Germán Martínez Hidalgo» began, with a pyramidal metal structure design under which a geodesic was installed that protects the Domo Imax equipment – formerly Omnimax.

The Planetarium opened its doors in February 1985 for dissemination and scientific outreach related to the universe, becoming one of the leading international facilities in terms of technological innovation and the dissemination, dissemination, and promotion of science.

The sphere of stars ceased to function in the mid-1990s, which prevented this institution from carrying out its primary activity of offering astronomical presentations. Later, in November 2009, the OMNIMAX projection equipment stopped operating, leaving the Planetarium only functioning as a conference room.

For the current administration, the promotion of science, technology, and innovation is a priority and takes on special emphasis in the educational policy of the State. The dissemination and disclosure of science are strategic activities to increase scientific vocations in the entity.

In this context, the government of the State of Puebla has taken on the task of meeting one of the main demands of society: the reopening of one of the most influential and emblematic institutions of the entity: The “Germán Martinez Hidalgo” Planetarium.

Satisfying this demand of Pueblan society is precisely the main objective of this call. Also taking into consideration that a Planetarium is a highly effective instrument for promoting scientific, technological, and innovative culture.

The renovated planetarium will become the flagship space for the development of scientific and technological culture, providing recreational and interactive learning spaces where children and adults alike will be able to approach knowledge and advances in an inclusive environment and democratic that includes not only projections but also free lectures for public school students, workshops, astronomical evenings and special programs.

The general objective of the transformation of the Planetarium in Puebla is to promote the appropriation of the scientific and technological culture of the inhabitants of the State of Puebla and the south-central region of the country, through the rehabilitation, equipment, and modernization of the planetarium «Germán Martinez Gentleman”.

  • The Planetarium is located in the Centro Cívico Cultural 5 de Mayo.
  • Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00.
  • Screening from Tuesday to Sunday at 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, and 18:00.
  • Cost: 70 MXN

Objectives to be achieved with by transformation of the Planetarium

  • Reposition the Planetarium of Puebla «Germán Martinez Hidalgo» as a national and international benchmark in terms of scientific dissemination and promotion.
  • Promote scientific, technological, and innovation culture among the population of the state.
  • Develop in children and young students, skills, and attitudes to awaken early vocations oriented towards science and technology.
  • Promote the understanding of science and technology as pillars of the development of our State and Country.
  • Promote among the population a rational conception of phenomena that occur in nature and the universe.
  • Encourage creativity and innovation in young students at all educational levels.
  • Consolidate the Planetarium as a space for dissemination and scientific-cultural that offers the public quality services through formal and non-formal education; using interactive, historical, informative, and recreational elements that complement the process of educational training in children and young people.
  • Offer the visitor various activities that complement and increase the scientific and technological phenomena that they learn at school.
  • Condition rooms for the installation of exhibitions and interactive modules of quality and avant-garde.

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